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About US

Blix22 Interactive BV

Pyqabu magic Happens! is a product created by Blix22 Interactive BV. We at Blix22 are committed to create engaging tools for you, whether it be (mini)-games, VR & AR experiences or enticing social media content in the form of cartoons, comics or videos.

Originally being marketeers hailing from the entertainment industry (music, film and games) we are able to think with your marketing teams making sure that the solutions developed by our tech talent are really fitting your strategy so the accompanying goals will be met.

bliksems! dondersgoeie marketing

Under the umbrella of Blix22, you can also find: bliksems! dondersgoeie marketing. This agency is specialized in marketing consultancy for companies that want to get unstuck and are looking for effective and creative ways to meet their marketing goals. bliksems! acts on the divide of marketing, technology and engagement and has successfully created strategies and campaigns for companies like amongst others: BMW, Post NL, Warner Music, Warner Bros Interactive, JBL and USG people.